About us

SETEC MidStream, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Mr. James E. Carter (deceased) and Mr. Stephen P. Carter and has been wholly owned and operated by Stephen since Mr. Carter’s passing in 2007. Together Mr. Carter and Stephen recognized our Client Partners trending need for a Service company capable of providing a wide range of practicable and flexible Business Management Disciplines, Consulting Services, Total Project Management services, EPC(M) requirements, efficient Engineering services, and QA/QC Management. For twenty five (25) years, the SETEC MidStream, Inc. Team has helped our Client Partners achieve a wide range of successes through mindful appreciation of their needs, and constant practice of our Core Values: Responsible, Reliable, Respectful, Honest and Accountable. Through constant attention to our core values, SETEC MidStream Inc. has grown into a premier “go to” resource for Equity firms, Investment Firms, and major energy providers. Our Team is our strength! We operate on the strict Philosophy that less is more for our Client Partners, and act upon the concept that a “true and honest approach to our Client Partner’s needs is always the path forward”. Our customers regularly tell their providers, customers, and clients “when you are talking to SETEC, you are talking to us!”. This is the best of compliments and epitomizes exactly what our Team approach set out to achieve.
SETEC MidStream Inc. mission has been to maintain the integrity of a boutique firm meeting our Oil, Gas and Energy Client Partner’s Business needs, Consulting Requirements, Budgets, Schedules, Engineering Requirements, as well as filling key management positions for the client through Consulting, Contract, or Direct Personnel Placement. SETEC MidStream Inc. Team has served in numerous intricate leadership roles for our Client Partners, through in-house, contract, and third-party participation. A few examples of these roles have been COO, VP, VP Of Engineering and Construction, General Manager, Director, Alliance Director, Sr. Project Management, Construction Management, Contractors, and QA/QC Management and Inspection Teams. At any given time SETEC MidStream Inc. Team members are active, helping our Client Partners nationally and internationally. Although SETEC MidStream Inc. was initially focused on Oil & Gas, we have found that our Client Partners also benefit from our flexibility and knowledge in the power, mining and manufacturing sectors. SETEC MidStream Inc. has invested in our Team Personnel such as is required to ensure our Client Partners the best chance of success for accomplishing their goals in these industries.
While working alongside our Client Partners, SETEC MidStream Inc. maintains a stringent and competent dedication for Safety. We believe that every accident is preventable and that if every member of our Team, from top tier management to individuals in the field, utilize our training and Safety Core Value: “Think Safe” than our Team will continue to achieve its exemplary Safety Program’s proud results. Our Core Safety Value, “Think Safe”, is also our resolute promise to members of our Team, and our Client Partner’s Team members to ensure that EVERY Team member return to their families safe and better educated with 24/7 safety values.
It is important for SETEC MidStream, Inc. to express our gratitude and acknowledge the fact that it is a privilege for our Team to work with our Client Partners. We never want to take anything for granted, and always want to express our continued appreciation to get to work along side our past and present Client Partners, and we look forward to the opportunity of work with future Client Partners. If your business requires Business Consulting, assistance with Business Management, Total Project Management, EPC(M) Services, Engineering, Day to Day Operational prerequisites, or QA/QC Management, there is a good chance SETEC MidStream, Inc. can help. We look forward to meeting you, and the opportunity to discuss your company’s specific obligations. It would be our honor to work together with your Team to make your company’s present and future plans a successful reality!